Successful Development and Creation of Comics.




Joker! Avengers: Endgame! Wonder Woman! They all started out as comics, but they’re not the only ones, there are also others not associated with DC or Marvel like Men in Black, Scott Pilgrim, Snow Piercer and… many more! If you want to write the comic that will become the next Hollywood blockbuster or if you’ve always dreamed of making your own graphic novel but don’t know where to start: This magazine is the first step!

You have in your hands the first chapter of a six-part course that will help you create your own comic, own characters, fantastic worlds and give you the impetus to send your protagonist on the hero’s journey. We’ll talk about the best ways to tell your story in bulletpoints, from welcome pages to double-page unfolded with great visual impact. The author, Eddie Berganza, worked with DC Comics for more than 25 years. He has edited his most important characters: Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. He has participated in some of his biggest events: BLACKEST NIGHT, INFINITE CRISIS, FLASHPOINT AND BATMAN: DARK KNIGHTS METAL. Eddie will share with you industry secrets he has compiled by interviewing some of the media’s greatest talents for this project. This issue has tips on how to get into the business and develop your ideas, from one of Ben 10’s co-creators, and also from a writer for the X-Men and REDHOOD AND THE OUTLAWS.

This is not a textbook or a boring conference, but a fun way to get to know the ins and outs of making a comic book. This is your chance to do something epic!

Let’s go!


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